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Spacebar Sorcery is more than just sorcerers of digital marketing magic and web development wizardy; we’re champions of a healthier world. Founded by a clean eating content creator, former nutrition coach, and experienced web developer, we bring a unique blend of digital mastery and wellness expertise to the table.

Our vision? To empower clinics, wellness practitioners, and centers like yours to inspire transformative shifts towards healthier living.

Experience in Web Development and Digital Marketing
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Growing a Nutrition Blog – Clean Cooking with Caitlin
Juan de Gracia
Juan de Gracia
It was a pleasure to work with Caitlin and the Spacebar Sorcery team! Top-notch web design and customer service.
Raquel Levy
Raquel Levy
Caitlin is an unbelievably nice person who is intelligent, personable, and extremely trustworthy. She brings light to wherever she goes!
grant ritter
grant ritter
I am extremely pleased with my website from Spacebar Sorcery. Launching an engineering consultant firm, I had a rough idea of the content and layout but needed guidance making my vision a reality. Caitlin and Rick were attentive to my needs, helped streamline my ideas and offered plenty of options to choose from during the design process. Any revisions or further refinements I wanted were implemented quickly. The end result was better than I could have imagined, with a well thought out and professional look. Another plus was their pricing, I shopped around numerous web developers and they all wanted much more than what Spacebar Sorcery quoted for the same level of content. I'm so glad I chose Spacebar Sorcery... 10/10 highly recommend!
Angel Vazquez
Angel Vazquez
Highly recommended! Always reliable and very knowledgeable on website UX/UI design and SEO. You won’t be disappointed!
Amazing, she is has great knowledge about work and highly passionate. Highly Recommend !!
Sauce Stache
Sauce Stache
I hired Spacebar Sorcery to build and help manage my website. My original website was a mess, not working, the design was a mess and I needed some help. Caitlin and team have been beyond fantastic, she's listened to everything I wanted and has been able to implement it perfectly. I can not wait to work with her and Spacebar Sorcery again!
Soleiman Bolour
Soleiman Bolour
I have enjoyed working with Spacebar Sorcery. Caitlin and her team have made my life so so easy. She is so on top of things and knows her skill set. I have had several web developers and Caitlin has really outshined the rest. Thank you.
Aimee Fuller
Aimee Fuller
We contacted Caitlin for help when our previous web development team sold out to another company who raised prices and reduced services. We brought her a bulky, slow and complicated site, and she quickly and efficiently worked her magic on it! She merged with our team, contributed to changing our strategy and marketing efforts and has become an invaluable asset as we grow! She’s prompt and reliable, and an absolute wiz! She dramatically improved our site’s performance and tackled tricky and complicated back-end functionality issues! We are so grateful and happy to recommend Caitlin and her team to anyone who wants their website to be the best it can be!!
Kristen Ulmer
Kristen Ulmer
Super ON It! They are wonderful people, reasonably priced, do GREAT work, on time too- lightening fast. Super creative solutions too. A++

Why We Care

From Weight Loss to Wellness: Our Founder’s Journey of Transformation and Advocacy.

Our CEO’s Transformation

In 2016, our founder, Caitlin Rogers faced a challenging period in her life. Struggling with obesity, anxiety, depression, and substance abuse, she decided it was time for a change. Caitlin embarked on a journey of transformation through a medical weight loss program, which helped her shed almost 55 pounds.

Clean Cooking with Caitlin

This transformation was not just physical; it sparked her passion for healthy living and cooking. Today, Caitlin is the CEO of Spacebar Sorcery, a former nutrition coach turned content creator, founder of Orlando Thrive Tribe, a devoted mother of four, and an advocate for a healthy lifestyle.

On a Mission to Help Others Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Her mission is to inspire others to embrace healthier lifestyles through her healthy recipes and nutrition expertise. Caitlin’s story is a testament to the transformative power of determination, resilience, and the pursuit of a healthier life.


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